Star Wars Celebration Pre-Orders

Apr 13th 2019

Star Wars Celebration Pre-Orders

That's a wrap on Star Wars Celebration 2019 in Chicago! There were many exciting announcements from Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker to a first look upcoming live-action show, The Mandalorian. While some of the most exciting entertainment launches come after the summer, a number of new action figures and collectibles are now available for order! 

The Vintage Collection Summer 2019 Announcements 

Wave 5
Empire & Jedi figure updates with new photo-real faces
Wave 6
New Lando from SOLO and character premiers in Vintage style
Wave 7
Luke Battle on Crait, R2-D2 on Star Wars and more

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The Black Series Summer 2019 Announcements

Wave 21 Set
All new figures from Rebels, EP1 and Comics
Archives Wave 2
Second chance on older Black Series figures
Luke X-Wing Helmet
Pilot your X-Wing just like Luke

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