Star Wars Black Series 6" Action Figures

Black Series 2022 Figures & Collectibles 

The Black Series is the 6" scale Star Wars figure collection from Hasbro! Black Series figures have fantastic detail and bring the galaxy from far far away to a larger scale. Highly articulated figures are accompanies with accessories and come in collector window boxes. 

How many Star Wars Black Series are there? 

As of Wave 40, there are 170 numbered Black Series figures in the main line. This includes the 13 from Phase 1 orange boxes, 15 from Phase 2 blue boxes, 112 from Phase 3 red boxes, and 29 in the Phase 4 multi-color boxes. There are many other special and exclusive release figures. 

Black Series The Mandalorian 

Collect all of the 6" figures inspired by The Mandalorian series on Disney+. Hasbro has released many characters from Mandalorian in Beskar to Cara Dune and other bounty hunters like Bo Katan and the new Koska Reeves. 

Helmets & Lightsabers

The Black Series is more than just awesome action figures; some of the best collectible 1:1 scale prop replicas are available too! Previously collectors would have to buy expensive numbered props but now you can find beautiful helmets and dueling ready FX lightsabers.