About Andrew's Toyz

Celebrating 20 years of serving the collector community! 

Andrew's Toyz was founded by Andrew out of his passion for collecting action figures and statues in 2003. Originally an eBay business, Andrew's Toyz has grown into an e-commerce company which sells a variety of different action figures, statues, prop replicas, and other collectibles.

Why shop at Andrew's Toyz?

  • Our customer service is unmatched
  • Orders are carefully packed and shipped quickly
  • Collector friendly
  • Accurate product and order information

Our Customer Service is Unmatched
Andrew's Toyz customer service is not a room full of generic employees who will just re-read you the information from our website and take your order. We know action figures and collectibles. We know what we sell and we know it well. Andrew's Toyz was started by a collector and his passion for the collectibles industry is reflected throughout the company. When you email Andrew's Toyz, you will receive an informative and complete response in a timely manner from our knowledgeable staff. We are here to serve you, the collector, the best we can.

Orders are Carefully Packed and Shipped Quickly
We know how the condition of the packaging of an action figure can be just as important to collectors as the figure itself. Products are not crammed into too small boxes, nor thrown in oversized boxes and just filled with those air pockets that never seem to stay in place to protect anything. We have many different box sizes on hand to pack your order just right. Not all action figures and collectibles are packaged evenly by manufacturers, so we use a variety of packing materials to make sure each product is packed appropriately. You can rest assure that you will receive your order in the same great condition it left us.

Collector Friendly
The majority of our clients are collectors who usually want one of everything and want it in the best condition possible. We hand pick every product we ship and look over it before we send it to you. We do our best to send you mint condition products. Our website is designed to be collector friendly with complete product names, collections/series, official figure numbers, and beautiful pictures. Many hard to find action figures and collectibles may sell out quickly, so we offer pre-orders and make sure to order extras of those rare items. What is a pre-order and how does it work? Glad you asked, click here to find out!

Accurate Product & Order Information
Shopping online offers many advantages, but does remove the traditional interaction shoppers have with a store and its products. Our fast and knowledgeable customer service helps make asking questions and addressing concerns easier. We know that there may be some action figures and collectibles that are released with variations and multiple packaging designs. We specify such product variations with both informative product names and descriptions along with packaged photos of products. Orders are not only shipped quickly, but they are shipped right! You do not have to worry about ordering a Darth Vader in 2007 Saga Legends packaging, and receiving one with 2008 Saga Legends packaging. We are very aware of product variations and ship you exactly what you order.


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