Plastic Strikes Back!

Apr 10th 2023

Plastic Strikes Back!

Hasbro announces the end of plastic-free packaging

In an exciting turn of events, Hasbro announced its decision to resume using plastic packaging for its product lines, including the much-loved Star Wars action figures. This move comes after Hasbro's previous commitment in 2019 to transition to plastic-free packaging across all their offerings. The reintroduction of plastic packaging is especially thrilling news for toy collectors who prefer to keep their action figures in mint condition within the packaging and those who enjoy admiring the figures through the window displays.

This bold decision by Hasbro is set to positively impact many Star Wars product lines, with The Black Series, in particular, expected to see significant benefits. With the reintroduction of plastic, collectors can look forward to enhanced protection for their prized figures, ensuring they remain pristine over time.

As the Star Wars universe continues to captivate fans of all ages, this move by Hasbro serves as a testament to the company's dedication to delivering an exceptional and enjoyable collecting experience. This new/old packaging design will start hitting physical and digital shelves in early 2024, starting with a new wave of The Black Series including a new version of The Mandalorian. Stay tuned for more news!