New Black Series Packaging for 2020

May 29th 2020

New Black Series Packaging for 2020

Hasbro has revealed a brand new packaging design for Star Wars The Black Series action figure line! This refresh is very welcomed and marks the fourth phase of The Black Series figure packaging. Hasbro last updated the packaging in 2015 for Star Wars The Force Awakens figure debuts. Let's take a look! 

Color by collection 
Goodbye all black with only a splash of red! The new 2020 Black Series packaging features a stripe of color specific to each Star Wars media that carries through to a face on the right panel and back of the box. So far we have a handful of colors revealed:

  • Blue for The Empire Strikes Back
  • Green for Return Of The Jedi
  • Yellow for The Clone Wars
  • Pink for Star Wars Rebels
  • Orange for The Mandalorian

Stories across figures
In addition to a splash of color, The Black Series action figure boxes now feature a more detailed character drawing located on the right panel compared to the more subtle sketch on the previous versions. Characters are also placed in scenery specific to the media they are from. Connect other figures from the same media for a dynamic scene with sequential numbers! We eagerly await to see how each of these scenes progress and look forward to new ones.

A new angle
The new character sketches and color pop have better visibility with the improved angled right panel. Goodbye square boxes and hello to a new design for your collection! 

Are you excited about the new Black Series packaging for 2020 and beyond? Make sure you get your pre-orders in soon to not miss out!