Black Series 2024 Packaging Update

Mar 21st 2024

Black Series 2024 Packaging Update

The Black Series packaging is about due for a refresh, and Hasbro has done just that with the first major packaging design change since 2020!

The 2024 updates to Hasbro's Star Wars: The Black Series packaging represent a thoughtful amalgamation of the line's historical design elements with modern sensibilities. By reintroducing the large window displays from earlier iterations, collectors are once again afforded a clear view of the figures, enhancing the visual appeal of the product while still in its box. This nod to the series' roots is seamlessly integrated with the recent innovation of side-panel murals, a feature that allows collectors to create a continuous and visually striking display of character art when boxes are placed side by side.

In a notable change that enhances both functionality and aesthetics, the figures' numbering has been moved to the front of the box alongside the character name, a shift from its previous placement on the back, making it easier for collectors to identify and organize their figures at a glance. This is a nod back to earlier Orange and Blue lines, where the number was on the front of the box before the 2015 Red line moved it to the side.

Moreover, introducing a consistent accent color for each entertainment feature, used both on the side mural and as a backdrop behind the figure, introduces an additional layer of consistency. This cohesive design element not only enhances the collectible's display value from the front view but also facilitates a more organized visual categorization of figures based on their originating Star Wars feature.

The transition to rectangular boxes, moving away from the angled sides of past designs, signifies a shift towards uniformity and ease of display, catering to collectors' preferences for streamlined shelving aesthetics. This thoughtful consideration is part of Hasbro's larger strategy to standardize packaging sizing across its 6-inch lines, including Marvel Legends and GI Joe Classified. Such consistency not only benefits collectors who diversify their collections across these lines but also underscores Hasbro's commitment to creating a harmonious and visually appealing display experience across its range of collectibles.

In summary, Hasbro’s new 2024 Star Wars The Black Series packaging changes include:

  • Larger front window display
  • Colored backdrop behind the figure
  • The character’s name and number are on the front at a 90-degree rotation
  • Character mural is continued
  • Rectangle instead of angled boxes that is consistent with other Hasbro lines

Fans and collectors can pickup figures with this new packaging this Fall with the first figures from Star Wars The Acolyte wave. Stay tuned for more updates on new Black Series figures.